Experience and innovation
in all our formulas.
The DentYucral line is composed of innovative toothpaste specialities to help optimise oral care for patients with special oral care and cleaning needs using the most advanced technology.
DentYucral has consolidated its position in the pharmaceutical market, backed by 38 years of history and supported by the dental sector and official associations of dental specialists.
On the commercial side, we are currently present in more than 24 countries on 3 continents, obtaining excellent results and a very good acceptance by both specialists and consumers.
Both the specialisation and efficacy of our products allow us to differentiate ourselves in the toothpaste market and build customer loyalty, providing an excellent commercial trajectory for the growth of the DentYucral brand at an international level.
Laboratorios VCS FARMA is a consolidated company in the pharmaceutical sector, successful and with a great future projection. Its activity began in 1980 with the aim of creating a dynamic company, manufacturing a wide variety of dermocosmetic products, healthcare, orthopaedics, health material and food supplements to offer a comprehensive and high quality service to pharmacies.
It currently manufactures and exports internationally more than 150 references under its own brands SoivreCosmetics, Nosa, Exdol, Vcs and Keim.
In April 2018, Laboratorios VCS FARMA acquired the company Comanimesa, taking over the DentYucral line and its staff specialising in oral and dental hygiene and care. The aim is to preserve the great prestige of the products within the dental and pharmaceutical sector, betting on continuing with the same research and development team but supported by a larger R&D and Marketing structure.